Coco-Pinapaya Scones:Panecillos De Coco-Piñapaya

These were made as a result of  a mistake..They were supposed to be large cookies but turned out to be the same consistency as scones..They were just as tasty though…Serve with jam or fresh tasting cheese like Lancashire/Cheshire Cheese.


250-300 Grams of Margarine or Butter
250 Grams of Self Raising Flour(Add a Teaspoon of Baking Powder to add lift and air to the mix.)
100 Grams of  Desiccated Coconut
100 Grams of Dried Pineapple and Papaya Pieces(They normally come in a bag together)
100 grams of Caster Sugar
1 Tablespoon of  Cardamom Pods-Lightly bash with a rolling pin, and then tap out the seeds with a little shake. Grind in a spice grinder/mortar and pestle.Or you can buy Cardamom which is already shelled. This spice has a citrus-like flavour, like an orange peel.
Half a cup of Milk /Soya Milk


Allow the butter to get to room temperature, and then combine with the sugar, and flour. Crumble  the mixture between you fingers, until the butter and other ingredients are incorporated. Add the pieces of fruit, which should have been chopped to smaller pieces , and the coconut. Add the cardamom, and a splash of milk, and knead into a dough, which is moist but not soggy. flour a surface and then break off a piece of dough, rolling it out to at least 1/2 an inch thick in diameter. Then proceed to use a cookie cutter. Repeat as neccesary. Place on a baking tray, and bake on 200 degrees for 20-25 minutes, or until a skewer comes out clean from the centre. The scones should be fluffy and golden. This can make around 20 scones, maybe more. Serve with jam or soft cheeses, or Lancashire/Cheshire Cheeses.

Spiced Tea Biscuits/Galletas Especiadas Con Té

Heeyyy!!! I haven’t forgotten you all, I’ve just had a rather busy month! I did a short course about starting up a business (Yes,Dinie dreams too!!), and been preparing for a major event.. I hope to let you know more as the weeks roll on! I hope you all can make it-Well,you London/U.K followers will most likely make it! And I hope you do!

In the meantime, I’ve been inspired and this time its the bakery menu that has a new recipe. They are spiced and fragrant biscuits, using Lapsang Souchong tea! Feel free to use any other tea of your choice.




150 grams of Plain Flour sieved
60 grams of Caster Sugar
150 grams of Margarine/Butter

2 Lapsang Souchong Teabags- This is a delicately smoky and fragrant flavoured tea, made by smoking tea leaves over pine leaves/bark.

1 Whole Mace shell(Or Mace Powder.)
2 Teaspoons of Sichuan Peppercorns


1 Packet of Dark Chocolate Chips
Pinch of Salt


Sieve the flour into a bowl, and add the sugar and other ingredients, including spices which should have been ground to a powder.



Rub together using fingertips, then knead the dough together lightly to mix the ingredients together. Then, add a few splashes of water to bind the mixture into a dough. This should not take long.  Make sure the sugar and margarine have combined very well before this last step.

Lightly flour a surface or clean dry chopping board,and roll out a small quantity of dough. Use cookie cutters to shape the biscuit dough,and place in a non stick baking tray. Bake for around 10-15 minutes on 180° in an electric oven. Repeat with the rest of the dough. Serve with.. What else.. Tea!! Disfrutalo!

Roasted Cauliflower#2/Coliflor Asado#2

Roasted Cauliflower time again!! I swear, eating boiled is not an option again! Try this one with a roast dinner or side dish to something plain, as this one has mouth tingling Sichuan peppercorns, and spices to create a highly interesting dish that you will not believe is cauliflower! It tasted just as good as my roast beef!



1 Cauliflower, cut into medium sized into florets-If you use frozen, prepare to cook for longer to draw out excess water from the freezing process.

Drizzle of Oil

Spice Mix (1 Teaspoon each of):

Dried Rosemary, Powdered Annatto, Powdered Garlic, Ajwain Seeds, Salt(less than a teaspoon, as too much salt will ruin it! If using a large cauliflower feel free to add upto this amount though.)



Firstly, cut and soak the cauliflower in salted water, for about 15 minutes, then set to drain. Pre heat the oven, and place the pieces of cauliflower in a baking dish/tray. Sprinkle the spice mix over the top, dividing the cauliflower into two. Repeat the action for the other pieces.


Place in the oven. Drizzle oil over the vegetable. This should cook for around 30-40 minutes on 200 degrees. Serve with meat, tofu, fish  or as part of a warm salad. Disfrutalo!




Shark Paella/Paella De Tiburon

Hello all! No, the title wasn’t a mistype.. It does say shark paella!! This being Lent, I decided to explore the world of fish and seafood a little bit more. As I’m not supposed to eat as much meat as I would do normally, vegetarian or pescetarian(Seafood) food is the way to go. Shark, as much as it conjures up images from the movie Jaws(Duh-da, duh-da, duh-duh-duh-duh-duh-duh-duh.. Hahahaaaaaaa!), is a well eaten fish in other countries, such as China and Trinidad and Tobago. Shark is a firm and flaky, white fish, with a mild taste that can take on any flavours. After inspiration from Ivette, from the blog,, who did a version of Paella based on her family recipe, taught to her by her abuela; I decided to make my own. I simply used what I had and it turned out perfectly fine!

*Buy farmed fresh-frozen shark steaks, and trim away any skin. Rinse the shark in lime juice and water. Shark/Tuna/large fishes is not recommended to be eaten by young children, pregnant women or those in poor health due to small levels of mercury. Eat in moderation, but do not exceed more than two pieces at one time. Farmed contains lower levels of harmful mercury.




2 Shark Steaks, trimmed and sliced, soak in lime juice and water.


One Red Onion, chopped


Three Pinches of Saffron, soaked in water


1 Teaspoon of Garlic,Pimenton(Smoked Paprika) Cumin, Oregano, Crushed Jalapeno and Cardamom(About 3 crushed pods, using the back of a spoon lightly pressing on it.)

2 Teaspoons of Ground Crayfish-You can find this at African food stores or Tesco, and any other good stockists of dried ground shellfish. Replace them with soaked dried shrimps or better still, fresh crayfish pieces if you can find it. Add about a tablespoon and 1/2 or thereabouts for the fresh shellfish. 

Half a cup of Green Peas

1 Tablespoon of Olive Oil

1 Cup of Basmati Rice, rinsed and set aside

Vegetarian Boullion to taste


Rinse the fish and slice into chunks, set aside. Chop the onion and heat a frying pan. Gently fry the onions, adding the spices after 5 minutes , then add the fish, and crayfish.


Add a little more oil and seal the fish, and then pour the saffron and peas  after 5 minutes.


Add rinsed rice and cover the contents in boullion, stir the contents evenly and cover and leave to cook on a low simmer until the water has been absorbed and the rice is tender.

IMG_20160304_185508Serve by itself or with rocket salad and lemon wedges. Disfrutalo!

Scrambled Eggs/Huevos Revueltos

I know what many of you are going to say… Scrambled eggs.. But I know how to do that!! But, when I began this blog four years ago, I wanted to show how easy and economical it was to cook your own meals! I also wanted to make things simpler for those who can’t even boil water! So, without further ado, here is a basic recipe for those who want to know how!


2 Large Eggs or 3 Small-Medium Eggs
Salt and Black Pepper
Cheese (around 30 grams or so. OPTIONAL)
Around 20 grams or two spoons of butter


First, whisk the eggs,with a little salt and pepper and then set aside. Or you could wait until the butter has melted and whisk the eggs in the pan, like I did in the picture! Otherwise, heat a pan with the butter and,when melted, add the eggs.



Keep on a moderate heat, and using a wooden spoon, gently stir.


As it cooks it,will set a little more and look like this:


You are looking for a firm yet soft consistency. Add cheese if desired.


Excuse the slightly blurred picture! Lol!

Stir the cheese in and allow to heat for 30-40 seconds more,to melt the cheese. In total, stir for 5 minutes until you have a slightly firm,yet soft and silky texture and it is hot throughout the mass of eggs. Leave it longer,and you will have nasty,rubber textured eggs! You’ve been warned!! Serve with toast,beans,hash browns,sausages or even by itself.



Thank you so much to all my followers!! Its been a good start to the year, and may there be many more witty,inspired and heartfelt posts from all of you who decided to jump on the ‘Dinieworld’ bandwagon!! Thank you all for liking my recipes,the comments and giving me inspiration to look into new things or learn. You guys are a lot to keep up with,but I’ll try!

Model shoot picture



Spicy Garlic Popcorn/Palomitas Picantes Con Ajo

What happens when you crave popcorn, but can’t have your favorite toffee flavour?(Due to Lent, I’ve given up sweets of most kinds except yoghurts.) I hear most of you say,’Just have the salted one’.. But in ‘Dinieworld'(My creative alter ego world!), nothing is ever going to be that simple and boring on my taste buds!

So if you like, a little spice(From smoked ghost chilli pepper), and garlic,make this recipe!




1/4 Cup of Popping Corn
1-2 Tablespoons of Oil


1 Teaspoon of Coriander Seeds
1/2 Teaspoon of Garlic Powder
1 Whole Ghost Chilli Pepper
Upto 1 Teaspoon of Vegetable Buillion-You will probably need less.

Firstly, grind the coriander seeds and chilli. Set aside. Put the pot to heat and add the kernels ,covering the pan. You will hear them start to pop. When you do, move the pan gently to disperse the kernels in the heated oil. It is done when you hear no more popping. Sprinkle seasonings to taste,stir and serve. Disfrutalo!!

America’s Shame

Hidden racism in America!


Google Image Google Image

I was going to write about Stacy Dash and other like mind thinkers. I was going to add my half a cent about the Grammy’s since no one gives a damn what I think on that matter one way or another. I never watch the Grammy’s I never know 3/4ths of the movies nominated or the winners so I don’t really care. Honestly I still don’t. Black Hollywood shouldn’t care either. The blacks in the movie industry get paid and will continue to get paid because the bottom line is the number of zeros on the check.
The Grammy’s slighting of blacks is not new. What’s new is Hollywood black elite is angry that they weren’t really included in white Hollywood. I think they were under the illusion that they mattered. The rude awaking is that they realize they aren’t any more important than the black stage hands…

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First Post Of January../Mi Primero Entrada De Enero

Hello!! I’m a bit slow this month, but you can’t blame me a little as quite a few things have happened in the past few weeks… One of them was, that I turned 30!!!! Time to ‘tun up!'(Jamaican term for have a good time!) There’s still plenty of time to tun up, and I’ll be doing so throughout the year!


So, now, I’m officially ancient!! Alright, perhaps not ancient.. Hahahaaaaaaa! But, now I can’t claim that I’m too young to not know any better, when I make a mistake!! Heee  heee! Well… I’ll still try! Heheee!

I had to think up yet another recipe, amongst dramas with health(Luckily not mine! But still scary! Caring for a sick parent has its moments.), and day to day life. But being me, I still cope!


So, now I have a few new recipes, and new bling jewellery…


As well as a birthday hairstyle!


Whoop whoop!

Amritsari Aloo Kulcha

Yum yum,Punjabi bread for my tum tum!


Amritsari Aloo Kulcha

Amritsari Aloo Kulcha is a Punjabi dish. This is kind of desi-pizza, stuffed with masala potatoes. It is a delicious Indian recipe . When cooked it is usually rubbed with butter or ghee.



  1.  1 cup maida
  2. 2 cup whole wheat flour
  3.  2 tsp Yeast
  4. 2 tbsp Curd/Yogurt
  5.  2 tbsp Oil
  6.  2 tsp Sugar
  7.  Salt


• 2 cup Boiled-Peeled & Mashed Potatoes

• 1 tsp Red Chili Powder

• 1 tsp Garam Masala

• 1 tsp Chaat Masala

• Salt

• Flour for Dusting

Can do any stuffing like onion,paneer etc.



  1.  Add both flours ,salt, oil, curd ,yeast,sugar and mix well, knead it for 4-5 minutes, and then make  dough.
  2.  Apply little oil, cover the dough and place it in a warm place for 1 hour or till double.


1. Take another bowl, add mashed potatoes.dd red chili powder, coriander powder, garam…

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Roasted Cauliflower/Coliflor Asado


Hi all, this is another vegan/vegetarian dish for you all to enjoy! This uses an underrated vegetable… The cauliflower!  Yes, there may be many recipes to roast cauliflower, but this one is simple and doesn’t mask the  natural sweetness and flavour of a cauliflower. Even those who hate cauliflower, will be happy to eat it! This was so lovely, that I forgot to take more pictures!


1 Cauliflower, cut into medium sized into florets-If you use frozen, prepare to cook for longer to draw out excess water from the freezing process.
2 Teaspoons of White Wine Vinegar
A Sprinkle of Salt-Do not add too much as you want to taste the flavour of the vegetable.
Drizzle of Oil
Drizzle of Roasted Sesame Oil



Firstly, cut and wash the cauliflower in salted water, then set to drain. Pre heat the oven, and place the pieces of cauliflower in a baking dish/tray. Sprinkle the salt, cooking oil and white wine vinegar. Place in the oven. This should cook for around 30-40 minutes on 200 degrees. Halfway through the cooking time, add a drizzle of sesame oil and return to the oven immediately. Serve with meat, tofu,fish or as part of a warm salad. Disfrutalo!