MDFC(Ms Dinie’s Fried Chicken #4)

Its been a long time, but I’m having another comeback moment… Bear with me people!! Here is another fried chicken recipe! Try and let me know if you like it and have a look on my Youtube Channel, Mariposaoro’s Fusion Food Vlog!


700 grams-1 Kilogram of Boneless(Or with bone if preferred) Chicken thighs or other parts of a roasting chicken, or even a medium whole chicken cut into 8 pieces.

2 cloves of Garlic crushed(Optional)

Seasoning salt of choice, preferably ones without msg, and added sugar, I use Sazon Completa Original/Tropical, which is perfect for me!

Spice Mix(All to taste): Nutmeg, Sazon-Go light on the salt based seasoning because you will add some to the flour later; Smoked Paprika, Allspice Berries(Pimento), Rosemary, Crushed Mild Chilli Flakes,Black Pepper.

All Purpose/Plain Flour for batter and dredging

Baking Powder

Oil to fry


Firstly, wash, the chicken with lemon juice salt and water, and drain well. Rub the spice mix onto the chicken, and leave to marinate. Then in a bowl, pour some flour, I’d say a cup full at least, and mix with water into a light batter. Add at least a teaspoon of baking powder, and mix this in too. This will be used for the chicken to adhere to the dredging instead of using eggs.

Then season some flour, in another bowl, with at least a teaspoon of seasoning salt per cup of flour that you use. This is to flavour the flour slightly, without it becoming too salty!! Heat the oil into a heavy bottomed frying pan. Dip the chicken into the batter, and then into the seasoned flour, and when the oil is hot enough, dropping the chicken gently into the oil, away from you.

From then on, you have 2 options:Fully Fry, or Fry To Seal.

#With option 1, keep on a medium high heat and continually turn the chicken pieces every 4 minutes at least, until the meat is golden and has no red parts or visible blood. The meat should be opaque white.

##With option 2, keep the oil on a high heat, and fry until the meat has turned golden, and the coating has crisped, Turn over on the other side and do the same. Drain and place in a baking tray and bake for another 20 minute on electric mark 170.

After frying, enjoy with cornbread,salad, rice and peas with gravy or festivals(Sweet fried dumplings). Disfrutalo!

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