Does my tone annoy you? Why the ‘angry black woman’ argument just doesn’t stack up



‘If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.’ An old adage we all know well and are quite likely to have used ourselves. There has been much written about the tone argument and tone policing recently, having been linked to debates of feminism, race and politics. We could argue that our old adage has progressed to ‘If you can’t say anything nicely, don’t say anything at all’.

What is a tone argument?

A tone argument is where an individual dismisses, ignores or minimises a statement by claiming it is delivered too aggressively or in a confrontational manner. Someone who uses the tone argument can be identified as a member of the tone police, ‘policing’ the presentation of opinions.

Policing arguments may serve to defend the egos of those who feel they had no intention of offending or upsetting with their perspective on a matter. However, enforcing rules…

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Krazy For Kimchi 배추 김치!/Loco Para Kimchi 배추 김치

Hello all!! If you’ve been wondering where I’ve been for the last month or so, I have been trying out new recipes and having challenges. I also have been doing a little bit of early Christmas shopping and trying to configure things for my future plans.

I always look to improve my cookery skills in anyway possible, and this past week, I might have just surpassed myself by making Kimchi.. What’s Kimchi, you ask? Kimchi is fermented, spicy cabbage(And other vegetables), common on a lot of Korean dinner tables. The cabbage has a sour taste and is used more as a side dish, but gets used in stews like Pork Kimchi Stew(Kimchi Jjigae-돼지고기 김치찌개), and Kimchi Fried Rice(김치 볶음밥).

I had always liked Kimchi, but didn’t know how to make it.. Until I had a whole sweetheart cabbage that was in danger of going bad in the fridge. I tried to think of ways to make this cabbage go to good use and came across lactic fermented cabbage recipes, and this blog: Crazy Korean Cooking. I set about making this and found it incredibly easy to do. Fermented foods are full of probiotics, due to the growth of good bacteria during the process which releases lactic acid which is good for digestion and the immune system. Here are the pictures of my first time Kimchi Click for Original Recipe Here:



All this yummy goodness, and all I did was three steps: Brine, drain and season! After the fermentation process, which may take a week, refrigeration is recommended; Although this can keep very well in a cool cupboard for a very good while. ** Please note that when you go onto the webpage for the Kimchi recipe, that if you omit the anchovy sauce/dried shrimp, the flavour will not be that different! So for the sake of my vegan/shellfish allergy/Jewish friends, I did this batch without seafood, and it tasted very good!!

I am now onto my next project: Fermented Chayote, Cucumber and Winter Radish.


My beautiful picture
My next Lactic Fermentation project! Created 14/Oct/2016… Waiting for fermentation..


So, everyone, watch this space, more recipes coming soon!






The pickling of this finally happened… But it ended up being a touch too salty! So it had to go for that reason.. 😦

The flavours from the spices came through very well,and It would have been better if I’d rinsed it a few times before fermentation. Aw well! Onwards and upwards to more fermentation experiments!


Time To Make Lemonade!/Tiempo Para Hacer Limonada!

Hello my friends!! Like the title states, time to make lemonade.. Its been a busy and stressful few months especially as I’m trying to take Mariposaoro to a new and wider audience.I have chosen to prepare sauces and my Pepita Seasonings #1 and #2 to showcase as products. I am currently looking for places to offer tastings.


It has been a nightmare to try to set up a business and the struggle is ongoing.. I also would like these sauces(and other recipes!) to be published into a book, making things accessible to all.. So recently I set up a GoFundMe page to try to help. Fingers crossed! I hope you take the time to take a look and donate..  And pass it on!!:


Thank you so much to all my followers!! Its been a good start to the year, and may there be many more witty,inspired and heartfelt posts from all of you who decided to jump on the ‘Dinieworld’ bandwagon!! Thank you all for liking my recipes,the comments and giving me inspiration to look into new things or learn. You guys are a lot to keep up with,but I’ll try!

Model shoot picture



100 Followers!!!! Yay!!

I’ve managed to get over 100 followers!! Thank you all for supporting this blog and I hope you all continue to check in from time to time!! Thank you all so much, as you are the ones who keep me flowing with ideas!!


My Recipe In Print!/Mi Receta En Impresión


Yay!! I’m in print!!  Just to let you know, Hanna Magazine is a magazine for young women and has many female positive articles. It can be bought at: ,

Ryewax( in Peckham,
The Stuart Hall library (