Roasted Cauliflower#2/Coliflor Asado#2

Roasted Cauliflower time again!! I swear, eating boiled is not an option again! Try this one with a roast dinner or side dish to something plain, as this one has mouth tingling Sichuan peppercorns, and spices to create a highly interesting dish that you will not believe is cauliflower! It tasted just as good as my roast beef!



1 Cauliflower, cut into medium sized into florets-If you use frozen, prepare to cook for longer to draw out excess water from the freezing process.

Drizzle of Oil

Spice Mix (1 Teaspoon each of):

Dried Rosemary, Powdered Annatto, Powdered Garlic, Ajwain Seeds, Salt(less than a teaspoon, as too much salt will ruin it! If using a large cauliflower feel free to add upto this amount though.)



Firstly, cut and soak the cauliflower in salted water, for about 15 minutes, then set to drain. Pre heat the oven, and place the pieces of cauliflower in a baking dish/tray. Sprinkle the spice mix over the top, dividing the cauliflower into two. Repeat the action for the other pieces.


Place in the oven. Drizzle oil over the vegetable. This should cook for around 30-40 minutes on 200 degrees. Serve with meat, tofu, fish  or as part of a warm salad. Disfrutalo!




Roasted Cauliflower/Coliflor Asado


Hi all, this is another vegan/vegetarian dish for you all to enjoy! This uses an underrated vegetable… The cauliflower!  Yes, there may be many recipes to roast cauliflower, but this one is simple and doesn’t mask the  natural sweetness and flavour of a cauliflower. Even those who hate cauliflower, will be happy to eat it! This was so lovely, that I forgot to take more pictures!


1 Cauliflower, cut into medium sized into florets-If you use frozen, prepare to cook for longer to draw out excess water from the freezing process.
2 Teaspoons of White Wine Vinegar
A Sprinkle of Salt-Do not add too much as you want to taste the flavour of the vegetable.
Drizzle of Oil
Drizzle of Roasted Sesame Oil



Firstly, cut and wash the cauliflower in salted water, then set to drain. Pre heat the oven, and place the pieces of cauliflower in a baking dish/tray. Sprinkle the salt, cooking oil and white wine vinegar. Place in the oven. This should cook for around 30-40 minutes on 200 degrees. Halfway through the cooking time, add a drizzle of sesame oil and return to the oven immediately. Serve with meat, tofu,fish or as part of a warm salad. Disfrutalo!



Spicy Black Eyed Peas With Mushrooms And Pumpkin Greens/Guisantes De Ojos Negros Con Hongos Y Verduras De Calabaza

Here is another quick, tasty bean and pumpkin greens dish, this time with cloud mushrooms and in a rich tomato sauce. I served it as an alternative to meat sauce and pasta. If you wish, use different beans, and cheeses, or if vegan, use nutritional yeast powder/vegan cheese supplement.



250 grams of Black Eyed Peas, soaked overnight for 8 hours. Or use 1 can of black eyed peas.
1 Small Onion diced,
2 Cloves of Garlic crushed,
3-4 Cloud Mushrooms (These can be bought from a Chinese store. Presoak in hot water until softened.)
Half a Pack of Dried Pumpkin Greens (Ugu in an African store), or fresh greens/spinach.
1 Tin Of Tomatoes
Salt to taste.



1 Bay Leaf, 1 & 1/2 Teaspoons of Pimento Seeds,Dried Thyme,Cumin,Annatto Powder, and 1 Small Piece of Moruga Scorpion Chilli-This is an extremely hot chilli, from Trinidad, with an aroma and taste similar to dark chocolate,with warm nutmeg notes. Use milder chilli, if you’re not brave enough! Hahahahaha!!
Oil to sauté


Firstly,rinse the peas,and put them to cook in the pressure cooker with water cover covering over them by 2 inches. Leave on a high heat to pressurize for 20 minutes. Then turn down the heat for around 10 minutes or less.

Grind spices.

Then in a pot, boil the dried mushrooms and pumpkin greens, for 10 minutes, until they plump up. Drain and rinse free from grit. Chop onion and garlic:


Then chop the mushrooms:

Chopped Cloud Mushrooms

Then chop the pumpkin greens,after moving the stalks:

Ugu(Pumpkin Greens)

In a pan fry the onions and garlic, after around 5 minutes,add the mushrooms and greens,


then add the tomatoes and spices:


Leave to bubble gently until onions have softened and mushrooms have cooked for at least another 10 minutes. If the peas have cooked, quickly cool the pressure cooker(If using a manual one), by pouring cold water over the weight of the pot, until it stops hissing. Check the softness of the peas. You don’t want them too soft,but cooked and firm.

It would be advised to fry the onion at least, whilst the peas are cooking in the pressure cooker or earlier to save time.


The sauce and beans should be cooked for around 10 minutes,meanwhile boil some pasta. Check seasoning, and serve, if desired, with cheese,nutritional yeast, or vegan cheese. Disfrutalo!!

Finished dish

**This also makes a great breakfast dish alongside vegetarian sausages,eggs, or on top of toast.

Black Bean Bites-Rabios De Frijoles Negros

This is another variation of the Dinies Beanie Bites… But made with black beans instead of chickpeas…These are easy to make  and can be prepared  a day in advance and served hot or cold.




 250 grams of Black Beans(One quarter of a bag of beans)
1 Onion sliced
4 Cloves of Garlic crushed
2 Teaspoons of  Rosemary and Sage,Cumin,Coriander, or to taste
1-2 Jalapenos, deseeded, and finely chopped
Salt and Black Pepper to taste
3 Tablespoons of Ground Rice/Cornmeal Flour
Cooking Oil for frying


Soak the black beans for 8 hours or overnight. Drain off the water and get rid of any stones/damaged peas. Add the beans,all seasonings and the ground rice and blend the mixture with around 200 mls of water. Add more water, if too thick. This mixture can then be chilled until ready to use, or can be used immediately, after leaving to stand for about 15 minutes. Heat some oil in a frying pan/deep fat fryer, and using a spoon, take some of the mixture and fry into large drops in batches of four, until golden brown and crisp, on a moderately high heat. This should take around 5 minutes or less. Serve hot with Mango Chutney, Lime Pickle or any dip of choice, as a snack or as part of a buffet. Enjoy!

Mashed Plantain-Machuca/Platáno Machucado

Plantain is one of the most versatile starchy vegetables and can be fried,grilled, or boiled…In this recipe, they are mashed,into an almost glutinous mass and served with stew or fried fish.It is called by many names such as Mofongo(Puerto Rico),Machuca(Costa Rica/Belize), and Fufu(West Africa) amongst many names for mashed plantain.





3-4 Plantains(Green or Yellow*)


*Yellow plantains can be tricky to choose, if you dont know how to pick ripe plantains. The plantains should be slightly firm, and be deep yellow and if you wish to eat a riper plantain-It should have black patches on it and be a little bit softer feeling. Never buy soggy feeling plantains, or those which look greyish-black-It is a sign that it is rotten.


Wash the plantains, and then with a knife and run the knife along one of the ridges of the plantain. Use fingers to split the skin apart, and peel the plantain, taking care to remove all of the skin. Then, slice and set aside. Boil a kettle, and then fill a pot with it, adding some salt also. Add the plantain, and boil until tender which should be around 20 minutes. Drain the plantain,reserving the water. Place the plantain in a  food processor, with a little of the cooking water and margarine and blend into a smooth thick paste. Return to the pot and allow to heat through into a almost stiff, but glutinous mass. Use a wooden spoon to stir the mixture, and also to shape it into individual ball.Serve with beef stew, fried fish, or vegetarian dish. Enjoy!

Mashed Chickpeas-Garbanzos Machacados

This is another version of the now classic, Mashed White Beans…But using Chickpeas instead..Chickpeas are rather versatile and can be used as a protein replacement for meat and fish, and can be cooked in many ways.



250 grams of Dried Chickpeas,Soaked overnight for around 8 hours.I found Cypressa were the brand that cooked better, as sometimes chickpeas can take long to cook
3-4 Spring Onions sliced
4-6 Crushed Garlic Cloves
Salt and Black Pepper
A Pinch of Both Thyme and Rosemary
Some of the cooking liquid from the boiled chickpeas


Spicy Lentil Soup/Sopa De Lentejas Picante

Simple and tasty soup to eat with warm crusty bread..


250 grams of Red Lentils

750Mls of *Vegetable Stock(See Vegetable Stock Recipe )

2 Tablespoons of Tomato Paste

Small bunch of: Thyme, Sage,Parsley chopped

1 Birdseye Chilli left whole


Rinse the lentils and put them to boil, with the stock, chilli (Which will be taken out halfway through the cooking time.) tomato paste and herbs. Leave to cook for around 40-50 minutes, whereby the lentils should be cooked in this time. Do not forget to take out the chilli halfway through the cooking time. Serve with warm crusty bread.

Egg Fried Rice/Arroz Frito Con Huevos

Egg fried rice is the most simple fried rice that can be done… And so tasty too! Delicioso!


4 Eggs, whisked with salt and black pepper
300 grams of **Cooked Rice-It must be at most one day old.
Crushed Garlic, to taste
3 Spring Onions chopped
1 Cup of Garden Peas
A Few Drops of Sesame Oil
2 Tablespoons of Light Soy Sauce
Cooking Oil


Heat a wok with a little cooking oil,and scramble the eggs. When this is done, transfer the eggs to a bowl and clean out the bowl. Fry the peas and spring onions on a medium heat,stirring constantly for around 5 minutes. Turn down the heat,and half fill a bowl with water.

**Take out the rice from the fridge,if you havent done so. Wet a hand, and crumble the rice,re-moistening the hand that you are using. This helps to separate the rice grains from each other.

Add the rice to the wok and stir, constantly until heated through, which should be 10 minutes or so. Serve hot with a Chinese banquet. Enjoy!

Spinach And Tomato Quiche/Quiche Con Espinaca Y Tomates

Another quiche recipe…


6 Eggs
1 Carton of Double Cream
2 Spring Onions sliced
1 Small Onion sliced

2 Tomatoes, sliced and with seeds removed

1 Bag of Spinach, washed,wilted and squeezed of any excess water 
Upto 3oo grams of Mature Cheddar Cheese grated, or to taste
Salt and Black Pepper to taste


500 grams of Plain Flour/2 Cups of Harina Pan(Yellow Variety)OR other flours, to make your own pastry if gluten free pastry is unavailable.
300 grams of Vegetable Fat such as Trex

100 grams of Margarine
A Pinch of Salt
500 mls of Cold Water-More may be needed(For the Harina Pan Use WARM water)


Fry the two types of onions,until softened. Reserve and allow to cool.
Make the pastry, if you cannot eat wheat, use the Harina Pan. You do this by combining the Harina Pan, Trex and margarine, and rubbing them together until crumbly. Add upto a cup of warm water and combine to make a soft and pliable dough. Roll out and reserve in a baking dish. For the wheat version, follow all the steps and replace the warm water with COLD WATER!

Whisk the eggs for 5 minutes, adding salt(Be careful as the cheese has high salt content!) and black pepper and then add the cream whisk and set aside for a little while, and grate the cheese.

Place the onions at the bottom of the pastry lined dish,whisk the egg and cream mixture once more so that air remains in the mix. This helps to produce a lighter filling for the quiche. Wash and wilt the spinach, by putting the spinach into a hot pan until the leaves go limp. Leave it to cool down a little, and with your hands,  squeeze the water out. Do this at least twice to eliminate a watery quiche. Pour the mixture and then sprinkle the cheese. Heat the oven, to 160 degrees and leave to bake until, golden and the egg mixture has set, and is not runny.This should take around 40 minutes to an hour. Enjoy!

Vegetable Stock/Caldo De Vegetales

A stock is the basis of any meal and should be use to bring out the flavour of the meals  ingredients.


Half a Swede chopped

Half a Celeriac chopped

2 Parsnips chopped

1 Tablespoon of Yeast Powder/Marmite(Optional)
3 Carrots chopped
2 Bulbs of Fennel sliced
3 Stalks of Celery chopped
1 Onion chopped
2 Teaspoons of Sage, Thyme, and Marjoram
2 Cloves of Garlic
2 Bay Leaves
Salt to taste
Black Pepper to taste
Vegetable Oil
1 Litre of water


Chop, wash and prepare the vegetables. Fry the vegetables, on a moderate heat for 10 minutes, adding the herbs to the pot and salt and black pepper, and any other seasoning. Add the water and let the pot boil for 20 minutes. Check on the pot occasionally, to avoid spillage.
Turn down the pot after this time and leave to simmer for one hour.

After an hour, and when the stock has reduced by half;  Check for seasoning, add as necessary, and strain the liquid into a container/bowl. Skim any excess fat and allow to cool. Use as and when needed.

* You can use this stock as an instant gravy.. Simply add cornflour dissolved in a little water and add to hot stock, whisking the liquid until the sauce has thickened.