Stewed Turkey,Breadfruit, And Pigeon Peas/Pavo Guisado, Panapen, Y Gandules



Hi everyone! I decided to take time out from blogging for a while and refresh my ideas, as well as accommodation issues. I realised in that time, that I had a small backlog of recipes that I hadn’t posted. So without further ado, I give you this recipe as a filling and flavourful dinner and light stew for the blustery and slightly warmer spring days.


1 Smoked Turkey Wing-these are hot smoked, albeit a little bit tough, and require extra cooking to tenderize it. Buy these from a specialist store or Halal/Kosher butcher.

1 Medium to Large piece of Breadfruit-Breadfruit is a starchy vegetable that grows in tropical climates like the Caribbean, Various countries in Africa, and Asia.

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SPICE MIX(To be ground in a coffee/spice grinder):

Powdered Ginger, Pimento Allspice Berries, Coriander Seeds, Crushed Chilli Flakes, Cumin Seeds, Nutmeg, and Bay Leaf.. All to taste, add in small quantities.

Pigeon Peas, around a cup and 1/2. I used fresh-frozen peas, but you can use canned if desired.

Pigeon Peas, frozen
These are used in Caribbean cultures, in lots of savoury dishes, particularly in the Jamaican and Puerto Rican dishes, Rice and Peas/Arroz con Gandules.

1/2 Onion,1/2 Bell Pepper and 1/2 Spring Onion, chopped

2 Cloves of Garlic, crushed

Oil to sauté

**NOTE: Be very careful with SALT, as there is salt in the wings. Do not add any salt until near the end of cooking time, if you feel the dish needs it.



Firstly, if you haven’t sliced the meat from the wings, slice in a motion away from you with the knife. Reserve the meat and the bones-This will enrich the broth that everything will cook in.

Sliced Smoked Turkey
Sliced Turkey, with the bones reserved.







Chop the onion and crush the garlic.


Blend the spices together and set the pan to heat. Fry the onions, and garlic for around 7 minutes.


Then add the spice mix and pigeon peas, and meat, with around 500 mls of water, or at least to cover the mixture. Simmer for at least 45 minutes to an hour or the meat is tender.


Meanwhile, peel and chop the *breadfruit into pieces, removing the seeds. Then set a pot to boil, and add the peeled, cut and washed bread fruit.


Cook for at least 20 minutes, be sure to time it so that doesn’t get too soft, but just tender. Check the peas(Which should be tender with a brown/deep green colour) and meat, and if both are to the level of tenderness desired, add the pieces of breadfruit. Cook for a further 10 minutes for the breadfruit to absorb the flavours.  Stir well, being careful not to break the pieces of breadfruit, lower the heat.


Check seasoning, and serve with other vegetables and rice if desired, even on its own. Disfrutalo!!


*HOW TO PREPARE BREADFRUIT- Firstly, you will have to cut the piece of breadfruit into chunks. Afterwards, hold the piece of breadfruit in one hand; and then using a knife, with the forefinger resting on the top side of the knife, and the thumb resting below the blade part of the knife. Push down with the forefinger, slowly moving the thumb slowly and steadily, to avoid injuries from the knife. Continue until the skin has come away, repeat to get rid of the skin on all the pieces. To remove the seeds, use the same motions.


Fried Dumplings(“Hard Food 3”)

Many Jamaicans have this side dish alongside their meat and vegetable main dishes.It consists of a soft dough which is fried, and has a bread-like texture. They are similar to Latin American Arepas, the only substitution is the cornmeal, for wheat flour.





250-300 grams of Plain Flour/Harina Pan
A Pinch of Salt
1 Teaspoon of Baking Powder

500mls Of Water, or more if you need it. Vary it to get the right consistency dough mix.
1-2 Tablespoons of Cooking Oil for frying
Oil to put in dumpling mix


To do this combine the flour,and salt. Add some oil, and water and start to mix the dry ingredients into a dough. The dough shouldn’t be too wet and sticky-You should be able to make a soft, and not dry dough.

Knead the dough until it forms a soft and smooth dough. Shape the dough into individual balls,and then using your thumbs and forefingers, use a gentle stretching motion moving the dough around in a circular motion. Heat some oil.

Cook for 10-15 minutes on a moderate heat in total. After initially frying,put a lid over the pot for around 6-7 minutes.

This type of steam-frying, usually employed as a method for Chinese Dumplings, make for dumplings that are soft and crunchy. Turn them over after they have risen and then leave them without a lid to fry and crisp. This shouldnt take long,around 3-4 minutes.

Make sure that the dumplings are rising and have a bread like consistency-Not doughy in the middle. Serve with a main meal of your choice, like ackee and saltfish,stewed chicken,or tofu scramble.

Chicharrones(Roasted Pork Fat-Lardo De Cerdo Asado)

Chicharrones,Pork Rinds,Scratchings…These are all words for the most popular bar snack, of pork skin, which has been either fried or roasted to a crispy, and moreish food. This is served in roast dinners,salads,sprinkled over stews or put into arepas(A Central/South American cornbread).


300-600 grams of Pork Skin-Cut into 1 inch pieces or to any desired size..It can always be kept whole
1-2 Teaspoons(2 if using 600 grams of pork skin) each of-
Garlic Powder,Black Pepper,Salt, Thyme, and Marjoram.


Sprinkle the seasonings over the meat, and rub into it. This can be left to marinate overnight, for better results. Place on a baking tray, in a preheated oven on 180 degrees. Roast until crisp and golden(If it colours too quickly turn down by 10-20 degrees), which can take 20-35 minutes, depending on the thickness of the skins. Leave for longer if you are leaving the skins intact and not cutting them or if they are very thick. Enjoy!

Mashed Plantain-Machuca/Platáno Machucado

Plantain is one of the most versatile starchy vegetables and can be fried,grilled, or boiled…In this recipe, they are mashed,into an almost glutinous mass and served with stew or fried fish.It is called by many names such as Mofongo(Puerto Rico),Machuca(Costa Rica/Belize), and Fufu(West Africa) amongst many names for mashed plantain.





3-4 Plantains(Green or Yellow*)


*Yellow plantains can be tricky to choose, if you dont know how to pick ripe plantains. The plantains should be slightly firm, and be deep yellow and if you wish to eat a riper plantain-It should have black patches on it and be a little bit softer feeling. Never buy soggy feeling plantains, or those which look greyish-black-It is a sign that it is rotten.


Wash the plantains, and then with a knife and run the knife along one of the ridges of the plantain. Use fingers to split the skin apart, and peel the plantain, taking care to remove all of the skin. Then, slice and set aside. Boil a kettle, and then fill a pot with it, adding some salt also. Add the plantain, and boil until tender which should be around 20 minutes. Drain the plantain,reserving the water. Place the plantain in a  food processor, with a little of the cooking water and margarine and blend into a smooth thick paste. Return to the pot and allow to heat through into a almost stiff, but glutinous mass. Use a wooden spoon to stir the mixture, and also to shape it into individual ball.Serve with beef stew, fried fish, or vegetarian dish. Enjoy!

Pumpkin Patties-Empanadas Jamaícanas De Calabaza

Spicy and a quick and tasty snack on the go, Patties are a favourite for Jamaicans and those who know of some Jamaican snacks. This recipe uses pumpkin and cheese as a filler for vegetarians.


1 Medium sized piece of Pumpkin
1 Diced Onion
1Green Pepper diced
1 Tablespoon of Jerk Seasoning(See recipe Jerk Seasoning)
200-250 grams of Red Leicester Cheese 
Salt and Black Pepper to taste
2 Packets of Ready-Made Shortcrust Pastry or Homemade Pastry(See Mince and Mushroom Pie/Quiche Lorraine Recipe)
Yellow Food Colouring OR Turmeric (Preferably to be added to the dough, if you are making your own pastry!)


Firstly, cut and peel the pumpkin into cubes and set aside. Chop the onion and sweet pepper and fry, for 5 minutes, on a moderate heat. Add the jerk seasoning, and the pumpkin. Add some water. Leave on a medium heat for 15 minutes or until cooked through. Meanwhile, grate the cheese. Turn off from the heat, and mix the cheese with the pumpkin, gently mashing the mixture. Allow to cool.

Prepare the pastry(adding the colouring/turmeric to give the patties that characteristic yellow colour.) meanwhile, and roll out into a small round and fill with the meat mixture. seal the free edges, and continue the same pattern with the rest of the mixture and pastry. Place on a baking tray and bake in an oven on 180 degrees for 20-30 minutes, or until golden. Serve as part of a picnic banquet, with an assortment of salads, or serve warm straight from the oven with Cocobread.

Tofu and Root Vegetable Soup(Caribbean Root Vegetable Soup)-Sopa De Tofú Y Vegetales Raíces(Sopa De Vegetales Raíces Caribeña)

Another take on Caribbean soup for those who are vegetarian..


1 Packet of Firm Tofu, cut into squares
1 Can of Braised Gluten(For those who are not Coeliac Disease sufferers!)
2 Sweet Potatoes
3 Large Carrots(Optional)
Half or 1 kg Piece Of Yam
500 mls-1 Litre of Vegetable Stock
Salt and Black  Pepper to taste
1 Bunch of Thyme
2-3 Cloves of Garlic crushed
1 Onion sliced
Pinch of Oregano
Piece of Scotch Bonnet Pepper-Deseeded if desired, and totally optional!!
 Handful of Spinach Leaves


 Pour the stock, onions and gluten into a large pot.  Add thyme, black pepper, garlic and oregano. Also add the piece of pepper, if desired. After the elapsed time of 10 minutes on a moderate heat, add the pumpkin, yam,  and sweet potatoes, which should be peeled, washed and cut into half inch to inch wide pieces, and boil for 15-20 minutes on a low heat. Add washed spinach, during the last 5-10  minutes of cooking time. Serve piping hot. Enjoy!!

Boiled Dumplings(“Hard Food 2”)

Many Jamaicans have this side dish alongside their meat and vegetable main dishes.It consists of a soft dough which is boiled, and can have a firm and gelatinous texture. They are similar to English dumplings, albeit without the suet(Beef Fat) added to them.


250-500 grams of Plain Flour
A Pinch of Salt
1 Teaspoon of Mixed Herbs(Optional)
500mls Of Water, or more if you need it.
1-2 Tablespoons of Cooking Oil
For a variation, add 250 grams of Cornmeal to 250 grams of Plain flour and mix as usual.Cook for about 5 minutes longer then plain flour dumplings.


To do this combine the flour,and salt. Add some oil, and water and start to mix the dry ingredients into a dough. The dough shouldn’t be too wet and sticky-You should be able to make a soft, and not dry dough. Knead the dough until it forms a soft and smooth dough. Shape the dough into individual balls,and then using your thumbs and forefingers, use a gentle stretching motion moving the dough around in a circular motion.Bring some water in a pot to the boil. When this has been achieved, add the dumplings and whatever root vegetables that you desire(There are potatoes pictured with the dumplings in my example.). Cook for 20 minutes on a simmering boil. Serve with a main meal of your choice.

Tripe and Bean Stew/Guisado De Tripa(Modongo) Y Frijoles

Here is another offal recipe which uses a less than favourable cut of meat, but tasty nonetheless… Try it yourself!



3-4 kgs of “Honeycomb” Beef Tripe, scraped,chopped and washed several times(Particularly if using the unbleached tripe which has gritty remnants.)
1 Medium sized Spanish Onion chopped
Salt and Black Pepper to taste
2 Teaspoons of:
1 Tablespoon of Garlic Powder/6 Crushed Garlic Cloves
Dried Thyme and Oregano
OR to taste depending on how much or little meat you want to be seasoned.
*2 Chopped Tomatoes skinned-Steep whole tomatoes that have been scored on the bottom with an “X”,for 10 minutes. When the skin is ready to be peeled-It should float way from the tomato flesh a little. Chop and use in the stew.
600mls-750mls of Chicken Stock
**Canned OR Dried Butter Beans/Pinto(Rosecoco/Borlotti)Beans


Firstly, wash the tripe in lemon juice or vinegar and water, at least 3 times. Leave to drain in a colander. Chop the onions and crush the garlic cloves if using fresh garlic.  Put the meat in a pot and add around 600-750mls of chicken  stock. Ad the seasonings, and chopped tomatoes. For the fresh beans add at the same time as the meat.Cover, and pressurise for at least 30-40 minutes, or until tender.Afterwards, allow the pot to bubble for at least 20 minutes to help the gravy reduce.

Slow Cooking:Put the meat into a pot of stock and water, and add seasonings. Leave to cook for 3-4 hours, adding the canned butter beans/Pinto(Rosecoco/Borlotti Beans) beans last 20 minutes of cooking. If you wish, you can use fresh beans, but add them an hour after the meat has begun to cook. Serve with potatoes, rice or “hard food”,and cabbage or other vegetable of choice. Enjoy!

Caribbean Chicken Hotpot/Guisado De Pollo Al Estilo Caribeño

Here is a caribbean  inspired stew, which is easy to cook and prepare..


One 2 kg Chicken, jointed into around 8 pieces OR Chicken Thigh/Leg Pieces

1 Litre of Chicken Stock or to taste

2 Spring Onions

Half an Onion

 2 Crushed Garlic cloves

1 Tablespoon of Pimento/Jamaican Allspice Berries crushed

1 Small Bunch of Thyme

1 Small Bunch of Oregano

 1 Tablespoon of  Paprika

 2 Large Tomatoes

 Grating of Nutmeg

 2 Teaspoons of Coriander Powder

 Half a Bag of New Potatoes, halved and washed

 4 Large Carrots, peeled and sliced

 1 Birdseye Chilli chopped, or to taste

Salt and Black Pepper to taste


Firstly chop the whole chicken, or get your butcher to do so. Wash in lime juice/vinegar and water, drain and season.  Peel the carrots and chop, along with the onion and spring onions. Heat some oil in a pot, and fry the chicken, onions and carrots. Leave to fry for 10 minutes, and then  add the other seasonings and some stock. Add the potatoes and cook on a gentle heat for 40 minutes, or transfer to a slow cooker or casserole pot; It will take longer, probably for one and a half hours, or at least until everything is tender. Serve with Steamed Savoy Cabbage, Spinach, and if desired Mangetout. Enjoy!!!

Baked Yellow Plantain And Goats Cheese/Tofu:Maduros Asados Con Queso De Chivo/Tofú

Here is an interesting baked plantain dish with either goats cheese or tofu…With  a nutty,crunchy, pistachio crumb.

4 Yellow Plantains, peeled of their outer skin, and sliced lengthwise

4 Goats Cheese rounds/1 Block of Firm Tofu

 Pistachio Crust

1 Small bag of Unsalted Pistachios-If they are salted, rinse them a few times in water. Be very careful with seasoning.

Breadcumbs, 1 Cup/Brown Rice Flour(For those who do not eat wheat)/Half A Cup of Harina Pan(Pre-cooked Cornmeal)

A Bunch Of Chives snipped with kitchen scissors

A Bunch Of Fresh Oregano chopped

Salt and Schezuan Peppercorns(2 Teaspoons of each) or to taste

1-2 Birdseye Chillis-To taste

1 Bell/Sweet Pepper diced

Cooking Oil


Wash the plantains, and then with a knife and run the knife along one of the ridges of the plantain. Use fingers to split the skin apart, and peel the plantain, taking care to remove all of the skin. To prepare Yellow Plantains,cut in half and then slice along the length of the halved piece of plantain. Place the piece in a few rows in a baking dish, and reserve. Preheat the oven meanwhile, and chop the bell peppers in cubes and scatter  some over the plantains. Slice the cheeses/Tofu in half, so that they separate into two rounds each. Place half of these rounds on the first layer of plantain.

Continue this building of the plaintain, pepper and cheese/Tofu stacks until they are used. Then prepare the crumb mixture.To do this blend the salt(2 Teaspoons)and the schezuan peppercorns(2 Teaspoons) along with the pistachios. Grind the ingredients, to a rough powder, not too fine but not too textured. Incorporate with the breadcrumbs/harina pan/brown rice flour*.

Mix the ingredients together and sprinkle the mix over the cheese and plantain stacks-If using the breadcumbs. If using the harina pan and rice flour, combine the ingredients with a little margarine, and crumble the mixture by ‘pinching’ the ingredients together until all of the margarine, and flour, are mixed to a fine crumb texture and the margarine has dissolved. Add a few drops and water to bind the mixture together, into little pebbles, making a light pinching movement again. Sprinkle over the stacks, along with the cooking oil drizzled over;Bake on 180 degrees for 20 minutes, or until the plantain is cooked and the crust has been achieved. Serve with a side dish of choice, such as a Tomato, Basil, and Watercress salad. Enjoy!