Happy New Year(Sorry it’s late! Lol!)/Nuevo Año Feliz (Lo Siento Que Este Tarde! Jajaja!)Part 2/Parte 2

Here goes part two everyone.. Life got more busy after December 27, as my mother came out of hospital and needed more care. The community nurses came in and helped dress the wound that was oozing and in danger of getting septic! So that happened and then the rotten place we lived in was deemed unhabitable due to the mould and rising damp there. People underestimate the effects that mould can have on health, but it caused asthma flare ups in my mother and rooms in the flat were either too cold,or too stuffy and warm. I felt like I had flu or hayfever in winter-Not a good feeling.

Here are some pictures to see the monstrosity that we had to endure:

Old rusty cooker, which we had to complain about for several weeks.
Boiler that had to be shut down by the fire department due to CARBON MONOXIDE FEARS! There was something else wrong with the gas line though and we had to repeatedly phone to get it sorted out.
Mums bedroom wall, behind her bedroom door
My bedroom wall
Mouldy Bathroom Window
Rising damp on wall in mums bedroom. She only slept in there for about two weeks before having breathing issues. She slept on a couch for about 5+ months out of the 7 or so months that we lived there.
Back of wardrobe in my mums bedroom-Completely destroyed due to RISING DAMP. The spores were causing her to cough and itchy skin.
Electric key cupboard,was full of a mouldy smell which made me gag and cough,when I went to charge the meter.
Nasty, mouldy, ever changing smelly toilet, ranging from bread yeast to verging on ammonia! No matter how much bleach we used!

We actually endured this mess of a flat for about 7 months and had all the catastrophes aforementioned. And then come New Year something changed… But I’ll leave that for part three!


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