Happy New Year(Sorry it’s late! Lol!)/Nuevo Año Feliz (Lo Siento Que Este Tarde! Jajaja!)Part 1/Parte 1

Like the title says,Happy New Year.. Technically, Chinese New Year(Gong Hai Fat Choi!!!) has just come,so it is still New Year.. Just a month later! Life has caught up with me,and over the course of the Christmas period has sped up on me and I’ve been busy worrying about so many things.

Christmas 2018 and the days before were spent going to and from the hospital where my mother was having surgery to remove an abscess near her spine. She was suffering a lot of back pain more than usual, and felt a lump at her lower back. She got admitted, and waited for the surgery,which was done on December 23rd. Which meant observations (due to her being diabetic) were to be done over Christmas, as well as organising community nurses to change the dressing of the wound. Special shoutout to the staff at Kings College Hospital, Denmark Hill! They really looked after her and tried to make the Christmas less daunting for the patients in hospital!

Here is Christmas 2018 in pictures:

Jerk Turkey
Spanish cookies with orange zest and cinnamon. Covered in icing sugar. Very yummy!!
Fried fish in vinegar dressing with onions and vegetables
Cheddar, Blue Cheese and Fennel savoury biscuits.

The presents-

Gifts of DVD and Polvorones!
My glittery trainers/sneakers!

And the sick patient and me-

So that was Christmas 2018. Cold,quiet,and not really eventful. But at least we were alive,things could have been worse.. Hope your Christmas was a lot better!


  1. Hi, kiddo! Just letting you know that the link to your post is broken. I had to dig, dig, dig to finally find your new year’s post. Might want to check on what went wrong so your readers can find you next time. Here’s wishing you much success in all you do!


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