Cooking Churros/Cocinando Churros

I decided after some deliberation what I was going to try and learn to make, as I always try to learn a new skill. This time it was making choux pastry to make churros. I’d wanted to make them for as long as I remembered, but had thought of them as being difficult to make. How wrong I was!!! The pastry is quite easy to do and the Dulce de Leche caramel sauce was even easier!! These were made near Halloween week 2018(20/10/2018)

The recipe was from Desert Now, Dinner Later and I ended up making around 58 and used a non conventional shape to pipe my churros as I didn’t quite have the right piping tube. I even decided to add a spiced pumpkin mix to the pastry. They still turned out perfectly and tasted wonderful!

Take a look at the other photos:

Pumpkin puréed with spices.

Dulce de Leche or Caramel sauce cooking.

Dulce de Leche or caramel sauce is made with evaporated milk,butter and sugar. Here is the finished product:

Pumpkin purée with spices,added to the choux pastry.

As I had so many churros,I decided to share them. I found the perfect platform via the food sharing site/app,, which I’m glad to have joined to stop food waste and also because it has non food items that people wish to share also. Very useful for those who need to cut down on spending for personal uses and home improvements! Please be sure to check out olio on the Android and IOS sites and download the app! Its quite a good site,so spread the word and get friends and family to join!

I also piped some using an icing pump- OK results, but need a churros maker.

Cooks perks!! First person to try them!

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