Salt Cod Fritters With Dill And Coriander/Frituras De Bacalao Salado Con Eneldo Y Cilantro

Salt Cod… Versatile and simple in flavour but can carry other flavours to create a flavoursome dish. These fritters are no exception, and are light and refreshing in taste.

MAKES AROUND 20-30 FRITTERS(Depending on size)


Around 300-500 grams of Salt Cod or Pollock,soaked overnight in several changes of water to rid it of excess salt. The amount of changes can depend on the thickness of the pieces of fish.

Onion, Garlic,Sweet Pepper,Annatto, Coriander, Lemon Zest and Dill to taste.

2-3 cups of Plain Flour + 1 Teaspoon of Baking Powder or add half a teaspoon more

Black Pepper to taste(be careful of salt, as the fish will still have some after the soaking and boiling process. Only add salt after tasting the fish.)

Oil for shallow frying


First,boil the fish in water for around 15-20 minutes. The water must cover the pieces.

Then when the fish has boiled, rinsed in cold water and cooled down; flake the pieces, being careful to remove the bones, and the skin. Do this with your fingers,by using your thumb to gently pull the flesh away. Flake into medium size chunks.

Blend the seasonings- The onions and pepper and herbs.

Then make up the basic batter, combining the flour,baking powder,salt(if needed), annatto powder and black pepper, with a little water at a time. Use a whisk to help. Gently stir in the seasonings, into the batter and then the fish pieces.

Chop lemon zest/rind with a knife or grater, and add to the batter.

Add the fish last..

Add a small amount of lemon juice too.

Add the batter to very hot oil. Add enough oil to shallow fry in a pan. Fry them on medium heat, 2-3 pieces at a time,turning after the underside has become crispy and evenly golden coloured.

Serve them hot or warm with sour cream,ketchup,or a salad as a complete meal. Disfrutalo!!



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