Tofu Scramble/Tofú Revuelto

I noticed that I don’t have too many breakfast recipes on this site. Until I decided to start looking into recipes that I could cook/construct healthy recipes. So came this tasty recipe for tofu scramble, which is a tasty alternative to scrambled eggs for vegans, egg allergy sufferers, and those wanting a healthy alternative to a fry up.

*If annatto is unavailable use turmeric powder for the yellow colour.


Half a block of Firm Tofu, crumbled with a potato masher or fork into small chunks

Around a teaspoon of:

Black pepper, Smoked Paprika,Ground Annatto, and Sazón Tropical(Green Bottle).

Cooking Oil


First, crumble the tofu with a fork or potato masher. Heat a pan with oil and add the annatto powder and other seasonings.

Allow to get fragrant for around 3 minutes.

Then add the tofu, stirring into the seasoned oil.

Make sure the tofu is coated in the seasoned oil. Cook for at least 6 minutes on a medium high heat, tossing and flipping the tofu around with a wooden spoon occasionally. Serve hot with toast vegetarian sausages,mushrooms etc. Disfrutalo!!


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