Spinach And Mushroom In Spiced Poppy Seed Sauce/Espinacas Y Hongos Con Salsa De Semillas De Amapola

Hi all!!! I have been a little busy with Easter, and a recent birthday(My mothers), so i haven’t blogged much over the Lent period and afterwards. I am back now, and ready to share a vegan recipe with you that will change the boring or “slimy” perception of spinach. Experiment with greens of any sort but I had spinach and decided to revamp it with simple but tasty ingredients. This can be served as a side dish or as part of a main meal.



2 Bunches of  mature leaf spinach(You can use young leaves if desired.), washed in salt water, and drained and chopped into bitesized pieces, including the stalks.

1 Piece of Red Pepper, seeded and diced

Half a Leek sliced

Around 4 Chestnut Mushrooms, rinsed and sliced, including the stems.

Small bunch of Basil, shredded

2 Tomatoes chopped


Spice Mix:

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Olive oil to saute

Salt and Pepper to taste

Lemon Juice to taste

Spring Onion to garnish


Firstly, soak the spinach in salt water for 10 minutes. and then rinse in a few more changes of water to rid it of any grit. Drain in a colander and then wash and chop the leek, by slicing it in half, lengthwise and then rinsing in salt water as with the spinach. Do the same with the mushrooms and tomatoes. Chop all the vegetables and  then heat a pot with some oil. Add the vegetables and saute for at least 10 minutes on a moderate heat, so that the moisture escapes from the mushrooms and tomatoes. Add the bay leaves and if desired, a little  piece of  chilli, for flavour and a little bit of heat.


Then add the spinach, after chopping it, and then add the basil and lemon juice. Stir evenly to make the spinach wilt. Grind the fennel and the poppy seeds. Add this last to the pot, and then lower the heat and cook for a further 10 minutes, until the stems and leaves are tender. Cook for 5 minutes less if using baby spinach.  Add a couple of tablespoons of water to the pot to prevent the poppy seed mixture from sticking to the  bottom of the pan.


Serve hot as a side dish or as a vegan main dish with rice or any other accompaniments. Disfrutalo!!!


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