Spiced Sweet And Sour Lamb Ribs/Costillas De Cordero Especiadas Con Sabor Dulce Y Agrio

Lamb… Not my favourite meat, but when it comes to cooking it, I can cook it very well. I don’t normally tell people that I don’t enjoy lamb very much, and would happily eat beef over it anyday(Sirloin Steak anyone?)!

I know I’m a little weird, but that’s just me.. I didn’t really enjoy eating Goat meat until I was a teenager, due to issues with the flavour, and subsisted on chicken, beef, pork and fish and vegetarian foods. This was a little tough,especially being from a Caribbean household, where goat is a more favoured protein source by a lot of Caribbeans Island-wide.

So here is the backstory as to why there aren’t many lamb recipes on this site. Phew!! This recipe came about due to me trying to like lamb a little bit more and having lamb ribs instead of the usual pork ribs as, I had them a little too often. So I thought, how would I like these?? Savoury, with a sharp and slightly sweet undertone. At least a bit more flavour than the ones from the fried chicken shops near where I live where it is breaded and then coated in tomato ketchup based barbeque sauce. Not baaad, but could be better… Hahahahaha!

This is flavourful and aromatic, and cooks until it falls off the bone. Keep the spicing simple or as layered as you wish as the relish over the lamb enhances the flavour.



Around 500 grams of Lamb Ribs,trimmed of excess fat and washed in lemon juice and water.

Spice mix for meat-

Coriander Seeds,Chilli Flakes,Black Pepper,Caraway Seeds,Nutmeg, and Citric Acid(not seen). Grind all spices and rub onto meat with crushed garlic.

Relish for lamb ribs-

Few sprigs of Coriander, Citric Acid,Spring Onions,Paprika,Brown Sugar,Water,Black Pepper.

Salt to taste


Grind the spices and rub on the meat,adding only about 1/2 teaspoon of citric acid, for the souring agent and salt to taste.

Place in the oven on electric oven 170 for at least 45 minutes or until tender enough to pull the bones away.

Baked ribs, tenderized and lightly soured by citric acid.

For the relish,lightly fry the spring onions adding the spices brown sugar,the small amount of citric acid(carefully gauge this,around 1/2 teaspoon or under. It has to be slightly sour.) and coriander. Cook for 5 minutes on a medium heat,stirring occasionally, then add water and allow to thicken slightly.

Pour over the meat and allow the relish to settle onto it.

Serve hot with rice,potatoes, and roasted vegetables like cauliflower, or brussels sprouts.

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