Cooking African Food/Cocinando Comida Africana

I’ve been cooking a few recipes recently to try to inspire me via varied ingredients, adding to the fusion food themes already present on my blog. I have cooked many foods from the black diasporas, especially Nigerian Food. This began however, after cooking Afro-Brazilian food which uses some of the same ingredients as West African Cuisines. So I reverted to the original source of these recipes,and since then have been cooking Akara (fried bean cakes),Egusi (melon seed soup),and Bitterleaf Soup(tastes better than it sounds! Trust me!).. Theses were all thanks to the lady at All Nigerian Recipes.

I have recently discovered more sites,like Dooneys Kitchen, and including one called Sisi Jemimah. In particular I cooked a dish called Obe Ata Iru, or Locust Bean Stew. The dish was every bit wonderful and tasty, and incredibly simple. I wondered why I hadn’t come across it before.. I think it will became go to dish, if I don’t have the ingredients for Egusi or Edikaikong soups (Recipe for Edikaikong).

Smoked Turkey, Goat, and Pomos(Cow Skin),Locust Bean Stew.

If this seems daunting, try the recipe for Akara, or fried bean cakes. Disfrutalo!!


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