Merry Christmas Everyone/Feliz Navidad a todos

Hi everyone! Hope you are enjoying your festive period. I have not had the best week leading up to Christmas.. But I’m thankful to at least be alive and pray for those who have little less than I have, or nothing(God bless those in disasters worldwide or remember loved ones.)..

Well, my week before Christmas started like any other,gathering presents and wrapping paper,and humming along to cheesy Christmas songs. Then the FLU came to town! I had twinges,but looked like I was going to be ok. Then my mum had breathing problems and wheezing.. Then the hospital accident and emergency department.. And that was the start of Christmas being off.. 😦

And now I’m sick too.. Blast you winter!!

All this happened the week before Christmas, and has ended up with Christmas being spent in hospital.. Well my poor mum anyway..

You would think I’d be down in the doldrums.. But no.. As long as there is life left, there is a reason to keep positive. Many disasters are happening where people have lost everything and people are dead.. The worst could have happened, but mum is still battling away. Instead of worrying about materialism, be thankful for what you have, over greed, malice and selfishness.
Here is the patient herself.. The Black Magic Woman! Hehe! Watch how excited she becomes in the pictures:

Christmas dinner(clockwise from bottom): Boiled Rice,Escoveitched Salmon,Chinese Salt and Pepper Chicken, And Sautéed String Beans with basil and capers.

The magic of Christmas!

Cheering someone up is priceless.. Remembering to smile at the good things you have, costs nothing.

Continue to have a happy festive period and let’s hope, a banging start to 2018!!


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