Hake, Molohkia and Smoked Salmon Stew/Guisado De Merluza,Molokhia, Y Salmon Ahumado

I like to try new vegetables and fish etc, and about four months ago, or so, I came across one that I hadn’t cooked with before in the frozen seafood warehouse that I shop at. Molokhia is a leafy plant from the Corchorus plant, that has a mild flavour, and mucilaginous texture(Which can be cut with lemon juice) when cooked and is packed with vitamins. This vegetable is known in Africa and the Middle East and eaten in soup type dishes with chicken over rice or pitta bread. If you are weary of trying new vegetables, this one will change your mind.

1 Packet of Molokhia defrosted


4 pieces of Hake cleaned in lemon juice and water. Seasoned with salt and black pepper.
150 grams of Smoked salmon slices-Try to go to places where you can get good quality salmon at lower prices. I went to a frozen fish and seafood merchant who sell smoked salmon in block slices.

1/2 A Spanish Onion or less sliced
2 Cloves of Garlic

Spice mix:


Oil to saute
Fish stock/Water to taste

Lightly season the hake, and fry until golden.


Then fry the onions and garlic, on moderate heat for 7 minutes or so, adding the spice mix.


Add the molokhia and the smoked salmon,stir them in. Then add as much stock/water as desired. Add a couple of teaspoons of lemon juice to stop it being too mucilaginous.


Leave to bubble on a medium heat for 15 minutes. Check the seasoning and serve with side dish of choice. I served mine with linguine! Disfrutalo!!


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