Fried Chicken#4(Epazote Fried Chicken)/Pollo Frito#4(Pollo Frito Con Sabor Epazote)

Hello all! As you may well know, I try to use ingredients different to both myself and you, my followers.. This time I’ve been looking for the best way to use unusual herbs and spices.. This time I went to Mexico for inspiration, by using Epazote. Epazote is a herb used in bean dishes and some meat and fish dishes, to add flavour and take the flatulence problem away from eating beans. Click here for more information on Epazote

I decided that after some research, that I would buy some and use it-I bought some dried online. I also decided that due to the flavour of the herb, I would try to use it on chicken. I first tried it stewed, and the flavour was subtle, and was a cross between dill and mint, and slight floral accents. Then I decided that I would try the next chicken recipe in a batch of fried chicken, making this my FOURTH fried chicken recipe for Mariposaoro! Who can resist the lure of crispy chicken!! In this recipe I also decided to make a change from the regular cornmeal flour or even using wheat flour, using CASSAVA FLOUR (Or GARI to my West African Followers) instead. This has resulted in the most crispy, non oily, and tasty gluten free coating that I’ve used in any of my fried chicken recipes!

500 grams of Chicken wings, or other chicken pieces, cleaned in salt water and drained.

Add a teaspoon or to, taste of each:

Cracked Black Pepper, Pimento(Allspice Berries), Garlic Powder
Hickory Smoke Powder, Sea Salt, Bay leaves and Epazote
Cassava Flour, Salt, and Cooking Oil
Cassava Flour, Sea Salt, and Cooking Oil

1-2 Whisked Eggs

Grind the seasonings and season the chicken. This is best done overnight for all the flavours to soak into the meat.

Chicken Wings Marinated with Spices incl Epazote, Close Up
Chicken Wings Marinated with Spices incl Epazote, Close Up
Marinated Chicken Wings Aerial View

After allowing the meat to be at room temperature, set up your ‘flour’, egg, and meat stations. You can lightly add salt to the cassava.. Although you could just leave it as it is, due to the meat already being seasoned, especially for those on a limited sodium diet.

Chicken, Egg and Cassava Flour Stations
Chicken, Egg and Cassava Flour Stations

Meanwhile, heat some oil in a shallow frying pan or skillet-The trick is not to deep fry here, only to seal the coating onto the meat (If you’re frying, cook on medium heat for at least fifteen minutes, until cooked through.). Alternately, you can minimize the fat content, by simply placing in the oven to cook with spray oil. It will taste the same! When the oil has heated add at least four pieces at a time, frying on a high heat for 4 minutes in total. Or at least until the meat has become golden and crispy like this:

Chicken frying in a pan-Remember this is only to seal the coating!
Chicken frying in a pan-Remember this is only to seal the coating!

Whilst doing this preheat the oven, to at least 200 degrees. place the meat on a baking tray:

Fried chicken done!
Fried chicken done!

Cook for at least 20 minutes, or until cooked through and the juices run clear. Serve with beans and rice, salad/salsa, and tortillas. Disfrutalo!!


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