Time To Make Lemonade!/Tiempo Para Hacer Limonada!

Hello my friends!! Like the title states, time to make lemonade.. Its been a busy and stressful few months especially as I’m trying to take Mariposaoro to a new and wider audience.I have chosen to prepare sauces and my Pepita Seasonings #1 and #2 to showcase as products. I am currently looking for places to offer tastings.


It has been a nightmare to try to set up a business and the struggle is ongoing.. I also would like these sauces(and other recipes!) to be published into a book, making things accessible to all.. So recently I set up a GoFundMe page to try to help. Fingers crossed! I hope you take the time to take a look and donate..  And pass it on!!:




  1. HiHi Khadine – can’t see a way to leave a message on this site so trying this. I’m the lady from the taxi. If you’d like contact me on Facebbook – Glyn Huskisson. Would be good to chat

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    1. Great to hear from you – have tried to send a message to your Mum asking her to find me on FB but don’t know if it’s got through – not familiar with this site. If you look on my FB page you’ll find a post about you two.wanted to get in touch sooner to thank you both but I’ve had a traumatic week – if you trawl down through my page you’ll understand – really went into melt-down which is unusual for me. Have picked myself up now but all I want to do is sleep – it’s been a rotten year with husband dying and having 4 operations in a week! The next hurdle is getting the results of Tuesday’s breast lump op – it’s supposed to be pre-cancerous but can’t be sure till they’ve looked at what they took out. Love your blog and I’m going to spend time going through the recipes and trying some. Your Mum’s stuff is interesting as well. If she comes onto Facebook and Messenger I can send her the poem I wrote ages 17 and read at my husband’s funeral – I wrote a very individualised blessing for his funeral as well – positive stuff, not miserable. Hope to chat to you and your Mum on FB.

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