Dinie’s Monkfish Goujons/Goujones Rapé De Dinie

I realised that I don’t have nearly enough fish and seafood in my recipe vault.. And now its Lent, and most of my diet is seafood, fish and vegetarian foods. So it makes sense to write up the new fish recipes as I cook them.

Today’s recipe is Monkfish Goujons! You can use any other firm white fish but this is so meaty, relatively boneless and mild tasting,that you will like it!



4 Medium pieces of Monkfish-The monkfish was from a frozen seafood store. Nothing wrong with that,maybe a bit smaller pieces than wild monkfish; But cheaper than buying from a fishmongers. Just defrost, remove sinew if any,and wash in lemon juice and water.


Fish Seasoning(1 teaspoon each of)-


Coriander seeds
Smoked Paprika


Garlic Powder
Black Pepper

All Purpose Bullion- This can be used for all foods. Here is a brand I use.


1 Small Piece of Smoked Ghost Pepper-


Grind all the spices together and season the fish.

Saffron Oil- Thanks to BBC Food,I learnt how to extract saffron without waiting a week or two, by heating both olive oil and vinegar together. The mixture is boiled on a high heat with a lid, until the vinegar has evaporated. Add at least 2 capfuls of vinegar to the oil and 2-3 pinches of saffron. The oil should have a mild saffron taste.


1 & 1/2 cups of Harina Pan(Precooked Cornmeal)-


Upto 3-4 medium sized eggs whisked.

Clean and slice the fish into strips at least a centimetre thick. Wash and drain, and season.

Prepare the oil and vinegar mix to extract the saffron. Heat on medium, with the cover over the pan. When the vinegar has stopped spluttering in the oil and the smell fades, the oil should have taken on a golden colour and flavour of saffron.


Dip the fish in whisked egg:


Then in the cornmeal (add just a little salt to the flour):


Repeat the same action again, and reserve the fish ready to pan fry.
Heat the oil and fry the fish in batches.


Serve hot with fries,salad,or simply with tartare sauce, or truffle mustard. Disfrutalo!!



    1. Yeah! I did eat some cold ones later and dipped them in ketchup.. Yummy! I think monkfish is overlooked, and has a buttery flavour and can take on any flavour!


    1. This guy who sell fried fish told my brother in law to coat fish or shrimp in this flour calked cracker then pot put in eggs then dip in bread crumps. Put on wax paper then put in frig a few hours. The fry it. My brother in law shrimps come out great.

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