First Post Of January../Mi Primero Entrada De Enero

Hello!! I’m a bit slow this month, but you can’t blame me a little as quite a few things have happened in the past few weeks… One of them was, that I turned 30!!!! Time to ‘tun up!'(Jamaican term for have a good time!) There’s still plenty of time to tun up, and I’ll be doing so throughout the year!


So, now, I’m officially ancient!! Alright, perhaps not ancient.. Hahahaaaaaaa! But, now I can’t claim that I’m too young to not know any better, when I make a mistake!! Heee  heee! Well… I’ll still try! Heheee!

I had to think up yet another recipe, amongst dramas with health(Luckily not mine! But still scary! Caring for a sick parent has its moments.), and day to day life. But being me, I still cope!


So, now I have a few new recipes, and new bling jewellery…


As well as a birthday hairstyle!


Whoop whoop!



    1. Hahaha!! Thanks! Every older person seems to look younger though- its hard to tell now!

      No, what I meant was how old I seem compared with some youngsters.. And the fact that I can remember things from 20 years ago!

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    1. I know… I joke! But seriously,when you think about your childhood in the 90s and certain TV shows, that children nowadays don’t know about; then you feel old. Ha! I hope for some good changes!

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