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LEGAL ETHNIC CLEANSING. . . .. . .. . . . (stop, search, arrest, kill). –



    1. South London is quite rich area, the boss of kitchen I worked at lived in tooting and some shops were very expensive I think! Did you like south better?

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    2. Fashionable, trendy young people with money! They are always crawling around East and West London.. And Central.. Buying all the houses.. Setting up overpriced coffee shops and clothes stores etc.

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    3. Yes, I see. That is sad to hear! There is some cheap shop in east London though, I like to visit brick lane, I bought a real leather skirt suit there and is was half the price of one bought at home! I was really supprise at price.

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    4. I don’t think these problems happen now with police, there is lot of movements and body’s to help people and support them. Myself I have been to LGBT rally in London once with my ex fiancĆ©.

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  1. I have only been in UK for few years and never knew about Brixton Riots, it is really a shock to me that people were arrested and treated like this and dyeing in police stations. I would never think it could happen in the UK,


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    1. Yes, I know it can be violent too! I am living at Barking and this year I was involved in a catfight myself in the late afternoon, not even night time!

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    2. I was at a birthday party for my friends 14 year old sister, a 16 year old boy came talking to me and a girl came and said, stop chatting my BF. I left the party but, she followed. Scary thing is she was only about 5’2″ same as me, I did not think she will be that violent. Barking can be quite violent even with girls I think.

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