Fried Chicken #3/Pollo Frito #3

Want gluten free and tasty fried chicken? Look no further because I’ve got yet another fried chicken recipe which is spicy,crunchy, and moreish!



1kg Whole Chicken, cut into around 8 pieces.

Spice Mix:
Garam Masala
Garlic powder
Sweet Paprika

Seasoned Gram (Chickpea)Flour:


Around 1/2 teaspoon of: Fenugreek, Chilli flakes,Pimento, Cumin Seeds,Cardamom pods, Salt, Coarse Black Pepper.

1 Cup or so of Gram Flour-This is chickpea flour, commonly used in South Asian cuisine, for sweet and savoury dishes.

2 Eggs whisked.

Oil for frying


Firstly, cut(or get chicken pieces!) and wash the chicken. Drain the bird, and season.


In a dry pan, toast most of the spices except the chilli flakes, salt and black pepper. When golden and popping, place all spices for the seasoned flour into a spice grinder. When blended, add to the chickpea flour.


Get your egg-flour-chicken stations ready:


Heat a pan a quarter of the way up with oil-you are aiming to seal the coating on the chicken. Not to fry it all the way through. If you choose to deep fry add more oil, heat on high, then fry on a medium heat, until deeply golden and juices run clear.

Dip the meat in the egg and then flour,dust and repeat the steps a second time. Seal the coating in the oil by frying, and place in a baking dish.


Repeat this for all of the meat. Bake in an oven on 180° for around 30 minutes or until cooked though and juices run clear, with no blood oozing out.

Serve hot with rice, carrots and beansprout,and alfalfa salad or mashed potatoes,greens, gravy,stuffing or any other side dish of choice.



Fried Chicken #2-,

Fried Chicken #1-



    1. That’s a nice thought.. But I’m not sharing my recipes on anyone elses blog.. Except you could press the reblog button on one or two of my recipes.. And pass on the link through email to friends of yours that might be interested! Thank you for your offer!


    1. Hehehe.. Time for Hungry Mum to make some then!! You can use ordinary flour but cornflour or gram flour is even crispier and the coating doesn’t get soggy!!


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