My Recipe On Hanna Magazine!! Whoop whoop!!/Mi Receta En La Magazina Hanna!! Whoop whoop!

Just  to let you know.. One of my recipes is in this magazine:

Buy a copy!!



    1. Thank you! I wondered what happened to you.. Belated Merry Christmas!! This has been circulated (The magazine), all over London! So now people know about one of my products!! How have you been?


    2. You’re coming along just fine, Dinie. It was just a matter of time, perseverance, and exposure. Everything in God’s good time. We’re doing just great, thanks. Fr. Acosta blessed us after Mass, since our anniversary is tomorrow. Quite unexpected, but most fulfilling. Here’s to your many successes!

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    1. I ake this opportunity to congratulate you on your now published Pepita Seasoning recipe which can be found in the rising “hanna” magazine.
      Here’s wishing you the best for your future recipes!

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