Dinie’s Cheese Toastie-Tostada con Queso De Dinie

This is a light and flavoursome lunch, when pressed for time. Who can say no to oozing, cheese toasties? Definitely not me!! For any vegan friends, use any vegan alternatives available to you, to get that oozing cheese-like quality.



Two slices of  white bread-This works with baguette, ciabatta, and challah bread(which adds a sweetness/and nuttiness to the dish, when using sesame or poppy seeded challah.)

Around 8 thin slices of Petit Roblochon Cheese-This is a French Cheese, similar in mildness and texture, to Brie. Made with unpasteurised(Or “Raw”) cows milk, it has a sweet and lightly oozing  quality when uncooked. It becomes nutty with a slight hazelnut taste when cooked.

1 Tablespoon of Crispy Fried Onions, bought from a good grocery store
1 Teaspoon of Herbes De Provence,a French herb mix which uses lavender
1/2 Teaspoon or to taste of Chilli Flakes



Firstly, butter the bread. Then slice the cheese, and sprinkle on the chilli,onions and herbs.

Cover the sandwich with the other slice of bread, and place in a grill or Panini press/Toasted Sandwich Maker.

Leave to toast on the grill/Panini press, for around 5 minutes each side or until toasted to your liking,and the cheese has melted. The sandwich toasters normally work within the 10 minute timeframe also. Serve hot with a cup of tea. Disfrutalo!!



    1. Oh.. No.. You shouldn’t force yourself to eat foods you’re intolerant to.. There are many options.. Are you intolerant due to the MS or a totally unrelated health issue?


    1. If and when you do,buy the cheese from Sainsburys,Waitrose or Tesco. I bought mine from Sainsburys.. I quite like artisan foods and I am in some way training my tummy to eat raw milk cheeses and sheep’s milk cheeses which have health benefits!

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