Lamb Chops In Sundried Tomato Sauce/Chuletas De Cordero En Salsa De Tomates Secados Por Sol

Hello all!! Being in Spring mode(Summer still hasn’t arrived in England!! ) this recipe is a lamb chop one! I don’t always eat lamb.. Its not my favourite meat(I’m more a beef/pork person!) but I noticed its underused on my blog.

Time to change that today! This recipe uses sundried tomatoes, red/purple onion,fresh thyme and aromatic spices which compliment the lamb. Its slightly sweet, spicy and savoury and perfect with baby new potatoes and any greens available. I served mine with okra and had beans and rice. Use what you have.. It should work well with pasta twists also!


4 Medium sized Lamb Chump Chops, cut in half if desired, and washed and drained.


4-5 Cloves,
1/2 Teaspoon each of Coriander Seeds,Cumin Seeds,
and Fennel Seeds,
ground into powder in a spice grinder.



1 Red/Purple Onion,Handful of Fresh Thyme (cut away bits that are too hard,and use the green softer parts with the leaves),
Piece Of Scotch Bonnet (Optional),
1 Clove of Garlic,
Around 6 Pieces of Sundried Tomatoes.

Blend all into a paste, and set aside.

Oil to fry,
1 Bay Leaf


Grind spice blend in the electric grinder, and sprinkle this on the washed and drained meat, rubbing the seasoning on. Add a sprinkle of salt.

Heat some oil in a pan and brown the meat. Add the bay leaf to flavour the oil.


Prepare the onion and herb paste by combining all the ingredients in a mini food processor. Set aside, until meat has browned, and then fry for a few minutes. Add meat and water, covering everything.




Leave to simmer, for around 2 hours maybe less depending on thickness of meat pieces. Check seasoning and serve hot with vegetables and rice, pasta or potato. Disfrutalo!!




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