3000 Strong And Growing!!!

This has made my day.. I thank all of the visitors to my blog for the past eleven months who have commented(Heartwarming,flattering or downright baffling sometimes!), and liked my posts.. A very big thank you for your ideas,comments and compliments… Te agradezco mucho!!/Thank you very much!!




  1. WOW!!! 3,000 views!!! It’s most definitely A BIG DEAL!!!! That’s amazing! Incredible! I know the feeling!

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! The Best is yet to come!!! Much success to you in all your endeavors, kiddo!!! You ROCK!!!


    1. THANK YOU DELI!!! Its actually 3000 hits/views..The amount actually surprises me.. I only started this blog in January,about a week or so after my birthday… I wanted to write a blog a long time ago, and more to the point, about food as I cook in my spare time.. I also hope that these recipes are unique enough to sell at a market! That’s the dream anyway! I didn’t take a business course for nothing!!

      But, the clicks on the blog, are quite encouraging,as I could be at 10,000 clicks by the end of 2013!! That would be so great!! In all this I thank God,and the Blessed Mother,for guiding people to my site!!


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