Mediterranean Quiche/Quiche Mediterráneo

Another tasty variation of the quiche recipe.. Using Mediterranean flavours..Try adding roasted aubergine,or courgettes to add to the Mediterranean theme!




6-8 Eggs

1 Carton of Double Cream
2 Spring Onions sliced
1 Small Onion sliced
Upto 3oo grams of Mature Cheddar Cheese grated, or to taste

4 Cloves of Garlic,crushed
Salt and Black Pepper to taste
2 Pointed Peppers,chopped
1 1/2 Teaspoons of Coriander,Cumin,Smoked Sweet Paprika(Pimentón Dulce)and Dried Oregano


500 grams of Plain Flour/2 Cups of Harina Pan(Yellow Variety)OR other flours, to make your own pastry if gluten free pastry is unavailable.
300 grams of Vegetable Fat such as Trex/Vegetable Suet
100 grams of Margarine
A Pinch of Salt
300-500 mls of Cold Water-More may be needed(For the Harina Pan Use WARM water)


Fry the two types of onions, thyme,seasoning and pepper until softened. Reserve and allow to cool. Make the pastry, if you cannot eat wheat, use the Harina Pan. You do this by combining the Harina Pan, Trex and margarine, and rubbing them together until crumbly.

Add upto a cup of warm water and combine to make a soft and pliable dough. Roll out and reserve in a baking dish. For the wheat version, follow all the steps and replace the warm water with COLD WATER!

Whisk the eggs for 5 minutes, adding salt(Be careful as the cheese has high salt content!) and black pepper and then add the cream whisk and set aside for a little while, and grate the cheese.

Add the onion mixture,to the custard and stir the mixture once more so that air remains in the mix. Pour the mixture into the pastry case,and then sprinkle the cheese. Heat the oven, to 170 degrees and leave to bake until, golden and the egg mixture has set, and is not runny.This should take around 40 minutes. Enjoy!



  1. Heya, kiddo. How come so many eggs? I’m just asking ’cause I seldom cook with eggs, but the max I ever use are two.

    Oh, oh. And you wouldn’t believe how much I’ve had enchiladas on the brain! To the point that I asked one of the women at church how she prepares them… and I saved an email with a yummy recipe that I’ve been meaning to send your way.

    As for fixing them? Um. Once. Like back in the old Triassic Period. And they took so long to make that I never made ’em again. But I might now that you have me thinking of them every day. Just not sure when.


    1. Enchiladas… I need to know how to make them… They sound yummy and Mexican food is really taking off in London…I might open a stall in London somewhere selling Mexican Food instead of my own recipes!! Hahaha..

      6-8 eggs are standard for a quiche… As is adding what you call heavy cream in the U.S(We say double cream here.)…

      Try the recipe and let me know what’s up.. Seasons Greetings from London!


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