Fuji Apple And Rosewater ‘Cheesecake’


This is a type of cheesescake made from tofu, with a cornmeal base, and flavoured with rosewater and Asian apples, called Fuji apples…Totally scrumptious and totally gluten and milk free!!


385 gram  Can of  Fuji Apples
800 grams of Tofu
70 grams of Caster Sugar
Grating of Nutmeg
Drop of Almond Extract
Splash of Rice Wine/White Overproof Rum
3-4 |tablespoons of Rosewater
Cake Base:
400 grams of Harina Pan
150 grams of Caster Sugar
250 grams of Margarine


Chop fuji apples into bitesize pieces, and set aside in a bowl. Blend tofu and all other ingredients, except the apples. Put the apples into this mixture and set this aside also. Combine margarine, sugar and cornmeal and knead together until absorbed and has combined into a soft ball of dough. Using your hands, spread the mixture over the base of a cake tin. Bake for 14-20 minutes on 170-180 degrees, until golden. Pour the Tofu mixture over the base and bake for around 30 minutes, on 160 degrees, or until set.Serve with fresh fruit and soya cream on the side. Enjoy!!



  1. Oh, oh, oh, Dinie! No, not ounces. I meant cups and teaspoons and/or tablespoons. But it’s okay. Unless, of course, others, like me, want to try out your recipe but require the customary units.

    As for the email address… It’s on the SJC and the Messages pages on the church blog. See the little square with the blue flowers? Click and you’re at my other blog. Then, click on the oleander there; and… presto… you’re back to my personal blog.


    1. Ah, ok….Then in that case for pastry for example, I would say around 2 cups…Be careful, with Harina Pan, as this can swell to very large proportions…You may end up with more than you need…I will send you the email address now..


  2. Dinie, Dinie, Dinie! This sounds delectimundo! Yep. My word.

    Any chance on changing the units to customary rather than just using metric for those of us who are still on the antiquated system in the states?


    1. Hey, kiddo. I’ve had you and your mom on my mind a lot, so I left written petitions for you both at St. Mary’s Church two weekends ago… placed in the basket that was in front of the altar at all of the Masses. Not only that, I have two “somethings” I’d like to send you. Could you email me, please, so I can get your address? Thanks!

      Here’s wishing you a bee-U-tee-full day!


    2. I forgot to reply to the whole metric Vs Pounds and Ounces thing…In England, we no longer count things in Pounds and Ounces…I will try and look into it…There are some things that I know..For example, 1kg translates to 600-700 grams…Like I said I will try and look into this…


  3. Awesome blog. I would love for you to check out my new site. I think that you would find it appealing. Check out pizzaoven.com 🙂 I will be testing out reciepies tonight too. They all look so good I am not sure which one to pick!


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