Chorizo And Manchego Tortilla-Tortilla Espanola De Chorizo Y Queso Manchego

This is a simple supper dish, and can be served cold as well as hot…It can make a good picnic dish..




6 Large Eggs
1 Onion sliced
A Little Salt and Black Pepper to taste-Don’t add too much to the eggs as the Chorizo provides the salt and the flavour, due to the Pimentón(Smoked Spanish Paprika)
3 Large Potatoes, sliced into rounds, and boiled in salted water until tender..But not to the point that they are breaking into pieces.
Half  of a Large Chorizo Sausage, sliced
Small amount of Oil for frying the onions


Boil a kettle, and pour this into a pot. Peel and slice the potatoes, and  onions,putting the potatoes to boil in salted water. Heat a frying pan and fry the sliced onions on a moderate heat, until softened. Place the onions in a bowl. Slice the chorizo into bite sized rounds, and set aside. Drain the now cooked potatoes, and rinse through in cold water. In a round baking dish, layer the onion, potato, and chorizo. Crack and whisk the 6 eggs with a little cracked black pepper and salt, until light and fluff. Pour over the contents of the baking dish, and slice the manchego cheese, carefully removing the rind, and thinly slicing the cheese. Place the cheese on top of the miture when the eggs are just setting. Place in the oven, for 7-10 minutes, on 160 degrees, and when the eggs have nearly set, place the cheese on top and melt for 2-3 minutes on 180 degrees. Enjoy with kelp salad, or a green salad and carrot and horseradish salad. Enjoy! 



  1. Dinie, Dinie, Dinie… I can’t imagine eating cold chorizo, but okay. Different strokes for different folks. And how does one know what something’s like if one doesn’t try it, right?

    I have yet to respond to your a couple of your second comments on your blog. Just so you know, I won’t forget.

    This past weekend we were down in Brownsville, TX again; so, of course, we ate out more than we ever do here in Port Aransas. And, yes. Food’s way more cultural there, if one’s into more authentic Mexican food.

    Sunday morning before returning home, we did something we normally don’t. We went out for breakfast and almost had… get this… chorizo con huevo. But Steven went for the migas… which I love but haven’t eaten in years. And, yes. I know how to make ’em my way, and they’re goood. And I had a flour… not a corn… tortilla with mashed beans, potato, and egg.

    Corn tortillas are healthier; but, oh, the heartburn that won’t stop! Even today! So I’m not sure if it was the little bit of salsa or the pepper, since the filling wasn’t all that flavorful. Still, I ate it and enjoyed it… even if it did come back to haunt me within the hour.

    Eating is an adventure, eh?


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