Mashed Plantain-Machuca/Platáno Machucado

Plantain is one of the most versatile starchy vegetables and can be fried,grilled, or boiled…In this recipe, they are mashed,into an almost glutinous mass and served with stew or fried fish.It is called by many names such as Mofongo(Puerto Rico),Machuca(Costa Rica/Belize), and Fufu(West Africa) amongst many names for mashed plantain.





3-4 Plantains(Green or Yellow*)


*Yellow plantains can be tricky to choose, if you dont know how to pick ripe plantains. The plantains should be slightly firm, and be deep yellow and if you wish to eat a riper plantain-It should have black patches on it and be a little bit softer feeling. Never buy soggy feeling plantains, or those which look greyish-black-It is a sign that it is rotten.


Wash the plantains, and then with a knife and run the knife along one of the ridges of the plantain. Use fingers to split the skin apart, and peel the plantain, taking care to remove all of the skin. Then, slice and set aside. Boil a kettle, and then fill a pot with it, adding some salt also. Add the plantain, and boil until tender which should be around 20 minutes. Drain the plantain,reserving the water. Place the plantain in a  food processor, with a little of the cooking water and margarine and blend into a smooth thick paste. Return to the pot and allow to heat through into a almost stiff, but glutinous mass. Use a wooden spoon to stir the mixture, and also to shape it into individual ball.Serve with beef stew, fried fish, or vegetarian dish. Enjoy!

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