Cheese and Bean Quesadilla-Quesadilla De Queso Y Frijoles

These are inspired by the Mexican snack, Quesadilla…. I decided to use up some cheese and beans in a different way and thought that I would use the food of Mexico as inspiration..


Half A Block Of Mature Cheddar Cheese
1 Ball of Mozzarella
Half A Small Block of Red Leceister/Gloucester Cheese
3 Cloves of Garlic crushed
1 Tablespoon Of Thyme, Cumin,Paprika,(Half Of A Tablespoon) Chilli
2 Cans of Baked Beans/Peeled Fuls Medames in sauce

250-500 Grams Of Plain Flour/Strong Bread Flour
A Pinch Of Salt
Warm Water
Olive/Any Cooking Oil to taste and for frying


To make your dough, combine the flour, salt, and add some oil, and warm water and start to mix the dry ingredients into a dough.
The dough shouldn’t be too wet and sticky-You should be able to make a soft, but not dry dough. Knead the dough until it forms a soft and smooth dough. Reserve for a moment.
Open the can of beans, and mix the spices and garlic, and reserve. Grate and slice the cheeses. Grab a small handful of dough, and shape into a small ball. Roll out, being careful not to make the pastry too thin, and place a tablespoon of bean mixture, and a sprinkling of cheeses. Dip a finger into some water and place the water on the edge of the pastry, in order to seal the pastry. Bring the other piece of pastry over to meet the wet edge and gently press to seal. Continue this method until all of the dough, cheeses and bean mixture is used up. Heat some oil into a pan, enough to shallow fry. Fry the quesadillas in batches of 2-4 depending on how big or small you make them. This can make upto 12 pastries, or more depending on you. Repeat as neccessary. ENJOY!!


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