Boiled Dumplings(“Hard Food 2”)

Many Jamaicans have this side dish alongside their meat and vegetable main dishes.It consists of a soft dough which is boiled, and can have a firm and gelatinous texture. They are similar to English dumplings, albeit without the suet(Beef Fat) added to them.


250-500 grams of Plain Flour
A Pinch of Salt
1 Teaspoon of Mixed Herbs(Optional)
500mls Of Water, or more if you need it.
1-2 Tablespoons of Cooking Oil
For a variation, add 250 grams of Cornmeal to 250 grams of Plain flour and mix as usual.Cook for about 5 minutes longer then plain flour dumplings.


To do this combine the flour,and salt. Add some oil, and water and start to mix the dry ingredients into a dough. The dough shouldn’t be too wet and sticky-You should be able to make a soft, and not dry dough. Knead the dough until it forms a soft and smooth dough. Shape the dough into individual balls,and then using your thumbs and forefingers, use a gentle stretching motion moving the dough around in a circular motion.Bring some water in a pot to the boil. When this has been achieved, add the dumplings and whatever root vegetables that you desire(There are potatoes pictured with the dumplings in my example.). Cook for 20 minutes on a simmering boil. Serve with a main meal of your choice.


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