White Rice/Arroz Blanco

This is the basic side dish, to accompany any meal and is quite easy to do. Do not be daunted by any of it!


250 grams of Long Grain/Basmati Rice-This should serve around 4 people, and is roughly 1/4 of a 1Kg bag of rice.
A Pinch Of Salt
Water to cover the pot
Small amount of Margarine/Butter


In a bowl, pour out the rice, and wash the starch from the rice at least 3 times. Afterwards, put some water over the rice, enough to cover the rice in the bowl. Pour this into a pot, being sure not to spill the rice grains! Take a pinch of salt, and sprinkle into the pot. Put some margarine into the pot also. Cover the pot and leave to boil on a rapid heat, until the water starts to evaporate a little. When this happens, turn the heat down and leave the rice to steam-cook for at least 15 minutes. If some grains have not cooked yet, pour a little water over the pot and lift the grains using a fork to separate the grains, by gently making an upwards stirring motion.. Almost like raking grass. After this, simmer on a low heat until the liquid has been absorbed. Serve with a meat or vegetarian dish of you choice.


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