Caribbean Liver And Onions

You may never think of liver in the same way again after eating this! Try calves liver or lambs liver for a tasty and less stronger taste.. Enjoy!


500 grams-1kg of Calves/Lambs/Pigs/ Ox Liver
1 Onion
2 Cloves of Garlic, or to taste
2 Teaspoons-1 Tablespoon of Pimenton Dulce
Salt and Black Pepper
2 Teaspoons to 1 Tablespoon of Dried or Fresh Thyme
2 Teaspoons or 1 Tablespoon of Dark Soy Sauce
2 Teaspoons of Crushed Pimento
1/2- 1 Bell Pepper/Sweet Pepper
Chilli-To taste and optional
Cooking Oil
Splash of Water


Clean the liver, by carefully peeling the membrane with a knife, and unless cut already, slice in a diagonal manner, in order to minimise the gristle being in the finished product. Wash in lemon juice and water and drain in a colander. When it has been drained enough, pour the meat into a bowl, and the seasonings, mixing the meat with hands. Make sure to incorporate all the seasonings. Heat some oil in a pan, allowing it to start smoking, and put the meat in the pan. Allow it to fry, for 7 minutes, maybe more on a high heat until browned and the onions have softened a little. Turn the heat down, and add a splash of water. Leave to simmer for around 10 minutes or until tender. Serve hot with Mashed sweet potato, and green beans. Or plain white rice and green beans. For a variation, on this dish add 200-400 grams of washed and chopped okra. Add it to the pot and cook for 10 minutes, or until soft. Enjoy!!


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