Thai Style Fried Rice/Arroz Frito Al Estilo Thai/Estilo Tailandês Arroz Frito

This is another idea which uses things which may be left from the previous day…. Try it out..


Small Handful Of Coriander
1 Spring Onion
2-3 Bundles Of Pak Choi
A Finger Sized Piece Of Ginger
2 Cloves/Pegs/Teeth Of Garlic-Optional
1/2 -1 Level Teaspoon Of Five Spice Powder

Vegetable Oil
2 Eggs Whisked, ready to be scrambled
1-2 Seeded Birdseye Chilli’s-Or with seeds, for those who love spice!
300 Grams Of Cooked Beef
100-200 Grams Of Cooked Prawns
Crab Flakes/Canned Crab
Leftover Cooked Rice
Light and Dark Soy Sauce, to your taste
A Few Drops Of Sesame Oil
Juice Of Half a Lime


Scramble the eggs, for about 2-3 minutes on a high heat and then transfer to a bowl. Fry the onions, until softened a little.. This should take 3-4 minutes, then chop or grate the ginger and fry until fragrant, and add the coriander and pak choi.

Cook for around 4 minutes, and then add the rice and five spice powder, along with meat. Add a little of oil if needed, and keep half a cup of water nearby-To sprinkle over the rice, to prevent sticking.

Leave to heat up on a lower heat, for 5 minutes. Add prawns, crab, and egg-Turn up heat and for stir for 2 minutes. Squeeze over lime juice, stir again, and serve. Serve with side vegetable/s of choice like steamed mangetout/carrots/pickled mustard greens etc. Divertais!!





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